Urban Hiking

There weren't a lot of woods around, so I walked home to Somerville from Copley.

Traveling has made me appreciate the value of exploring cities on foot. Shoutout to dirty Dunners (Dunedin, NZ) for being so small and walkable, it’s a lesson I’m happy to have learned. Here at school/in Boston I have this false perception that I’m too busy to take the same time that I might take to get to know a place that I'm visiting. When I have free time at home, my instinct is to fill it with activities because I have all kinds of lists full of things I want to do or accomplish. Today, I woke up and knew I needed to go sort some things out at the bank, eat lunch and exercise. Usually that looks something like: starbucks -> bank -> home -> run --> lunch somewhere nearby. But things at the bank went surprisingly seamlessly and I was inspired to head into Boston with my extra time and a couple dollas. While staring at my iPhone screen on the T I saw a tweet about the Copley Square Farmers’ Market today, so I got off at Copley. Hello, lunch of strawberries and a chocolate chip cookie! I also treated myself to a pair of nice sunglasses and then decided that walking the 4 miles back to Harvard Square along the Charles was reasonable on such a beautiful day. No music, no friends, no clouds. When I made it to Harvard I grabbed a bike from the Hubway bike thing and rode it to the station right outside my house. Awesome. Everything is so beautiful when it’s 75 and sunny and green and not particularly crowded. And because I wandered on foot for two hours I now know: the BU boathouse (sailboats, SUPs, kayaks) is open to the public, there’s a dock on the charles off of storrow drive that’s popular with sunbathers and fairly secluded, riverside press park has an adorable community garden, area of Cambridge east of Harvard square is amazing, the code to the bathroom at starbucks in davis is 65432.